We offer the whole range Cyber Security services from strategy definition/update to manged services, training’s to forensic services, with the exclusion of basic services like network and server setup and admin tasks. We tailor the services to the specific needs of our clients and provide them together with world class security experts with real life experience from all fields from Israel, Switzerland and other countries complemented with local legal, PR and insurance expertise.


We help our clients holistically to be prepared as good as possible to meet any upcoming Cyber threat. We help to regularly update threat assessments, readiness assessments and strategies at all levels. We deliver scenario plays for the C-Level, penetration tests, facility checks, risk analysis, NIS and ISO 27001 compliance, insurance checks, legal checks, emergency plans and much more.


Once one has a clear plan, we help our customers to execute it as effectively and efficient as possible. We support the whole organization with relevant trainings – from C-level to technical level, we ensure the highest possible awareness level for employees, we help to upgrade the security of facilities, we monitor remotely IT infrastructure (SOC) to ensure threats are recognized timely and reacted upon.


Once an incident has been identified we can provide remote guidance for the customer’s IT team to restore services, give legal and PR support, follow up the execution of the Crisis plans, and if needed, provide technical and legal forensic services.