SAP Security

SAP Cyber Security using advanced technology

Current Situation

Today’s attackers are only too aware that the most valuable company assets are often stored in a company’s SAP system. The internal staff knows that with a few permutations ABAP code can be infiltrated and used nefariously.

Traditional cyber technology has failed for various reasons. From data being unreliable with confusing false positives, delivery times being complex and expensive, onerous and off-putting cost of ownership, to poor customer support and service.

One Step Ahead

The product we offer is designed to always be one step ahead of the attackers. It uses anomaly detection, to accurately detect and triage threats so they can be remediated before any harm is done. It’s technology focuses on real threats while providing guidance for ensuring compliance in SAP hardening and patching.

Features & Highlights

Threat Detection

Real-Time Intrusion Detection

Detects and reports exploits 24/7 and allows an instant SIEM connectivity with frequent updates


SIEM Integration for SAP

Security Analysts are provided with instant actionable intelligence, readily understandable even if the security team has no knowledge of SAP NetWeaver.



HyperLogging enhances the security automation capabilities needed to effectively and effortlessly protect complex, business critical applications.


Identity Protection

Detects new identities, informs the identity owner and allows reporting of identity theft. When reporting malicious activity, a security event is automatically triggered.

Security & Compliance

Vulnerability Management

Features central security & compliance monitoring, segregation in areas of responsibility, 360° view with real-time events, embedded controls for NIST CSF and many more.


Interface Traffic Monitor

Gain the ability to instantly display a visual of all the data exchanges between SAP systems themselves, and non-SAP systems.


Data Loss Prevention

Gain visibility on what data is extracted by whom, the size of the download and its target location.

Cyber Hygiene

Patch Management

Cyberattackers will regularly look to take advantage of SAP systems that haven’t received the latest security updates by deploying malware with exploits that target those particular flaws.


Our offered SAP solution shows all relevant security patches existing for any SAP instance in an intuitive user interface  that delivers all the information you need to evaluate the patching status of a system.


Code Security

Code Vulnerability Analysis

Let the scanner help you to identify vulnerable or malicious coding lines. Highlight non-mitigated SQL-, OpenSQL- and ADBC injections vulnerabilities.

Find missing authorization checks in remote enabled function modules (RFC).

Shield the system from backdoors being installed.


The Code Scanner will highlight direct table manipulations, directory traversal vulnerabilities and many other risks lurking in your code.