We offer highly innovative products which can be easily installed and maintained or are in SaaS mode while offering a high increase in security and compliance.

Phishing Protection

CybeReady Anti-Phishing learning automation employs big data capabilities and a 3D simulation engine to optimize content for dynamic multilingual phishing scenarios, effectively personalizing training for each employee.
CybeReady offers a simple, effective deployment with advanced metrics monitoring risk and progress, and provides phishing simulations in 35 languages across 66 countries.

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Supplier Certification

IDRRA is an AI powered platform, automating manual driven processes in the security compliance space. Goal is to enable best in class assessment and decision making for companies in every size. It enables automating the entire Vendor Risk Management Process and rapidly implementing a comprehensive VRM program across the entire supply chain in various industries while minimizing organizational friction and costs.

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Identify risks in your logs

Are you sitting on large amounts of secure web gateway logs and do you want to understand what is hidden inside these logs? ExeonTrace provides visibility into the web traffic leaving corporate networks in order to detect and investigate hidden malware infections and data breaches.
ExeonTrace analyzes log data recorded by commodity secure web gateways and firewalls. It identifies suspicious communication patterns in millions of data points using award-winning Machine Learning and Big Data algorithms developed at ETH Zurich. Thanks to its focus on analyzing existing log data, setting up ExeonTrace is a matter of hours and it can be used productively immediately.
Web traffic is the primarily data leakage channel used by sophisticated cyber attackers, browser plugins and other software that put an organization’s privacy at risk.

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No unauthorized files beyond this point

SelectorIT is the leader among file filtering systems on the market. State of the art protection against advanced threats within files.

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