We are co-operating with the worldwide most skilled Cyber Security companies from Israel, Switzerland and other countries, complemented with local legal-, PR- and insurance resources. This gives our customers access to most advanced services and products to stay ahead of Cyber risks.

Open source collection and analysis solution for Background Checks.
Checkmarx is a provider of state-of-the-art application security solution: static code analysis software, seamlessly integrated into development process.
ConSienta is focusing on cyber awareness, providing a comprehensive and managed solution.
Crusoe Security is the leading solution for Web Isolation
CybeReady has developed the world’s first anti-phishing learning automation that removes the overhead associated with other phishing solutions through automated dissemination of continuous simulations and training.
Breach & Attack Simulation.
EclecticIQ is a leader in collaborative Threat Intelligence Management. Empowering the Threat Analyst. Exchange intelligence based on STIX and TAXII.
Machine learning Big Data security Solutions analyzing network traffic to identify Cyber threats
Forty Two is a high-end Israeli cyber security solutions provider with world leading expertise. Together we help enterprises and governments in promoting cyber security resilience.
AI powered platform, automating manual driven processes in the security compliance space
Radark, a Real time Darknet threat intelligence console automatically tracks Darknet threats, giving immediate notification of compromised company-specific information and ensures that Radark gives you only the highest quality Darknet information.
Kernelios has vowed to train the future generation of cyber security experts in the industry by offering them to learn from Israel’s leading experts in the field, placing maximum emphasis on hands-on training in the various topics.
Menny is an internationally known cyber security expert and evangelist of innovation. He is a strategic adviser to leading enterprises around the world, as well as States and Governments and sits in the advisory board of several startup companies.
Agentless Endpoint Security Management Software and Solutions.
Behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence.
XM Cyber is a multiple award-winning startup with a clear mission to be the first fully automated purple team.
Next-Generation CDR (Content Disarm und Reconstruction) Deep Content Filtering for Files and Emails