Cyber Security As A Service

We help you grow and run your internal security operations while reducing the need for long term infrastructure investments.

CISO As A Service

Our specialists are able to act as CISO for your organization while also providing you with the knowledge of our whole cyber security network.

Experts as a Service

Our best-in-class experts are on call for you, whenever and wherever you need them. Our security expertise covers a wide range of knowledge, allowing us to offer you hands-on guidance and advice relevant to your specific requirements and aid in developing your security operations. Let us help you improve staff efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of industry experts are up to date on the latest threats and current cyber security technologies.

Incident Response Team As A Service

In case of an attack on your organization, a highly trained team of Cyber Security experts supports your IT to handle every incident efficiently. The goal is to minimize and control the damage resulting from incidents and provide professional guidance for response and recovery activities. In order to be able to ensure these measurements, an incident response team should always be on standby, fully updated on your infrastructure with a joint incident response plan ready. It is also possible to arrange such a team for you, even after an attack has already started.