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Tips to Keep Your Organization Safe from Darknet Threats

There are two types of the Internet – Surface web and dark web or darknet. The internet we normally use, i.e. surface, is just a small percentage of the entire internet. Darknet comprises 97% of the entire internet and is not accessible through common means. We can only access it via special software, including browsers like TOR project or the Onion Router. Thanks to the anonymous nature and multi-layer inscription of the darknet it is very hard to trace any information on the users.

Cybercriminals, however, use this to sell sensitive data for a price for whoever is interested. The interested party could be anyone from your competition or someone who just wants to harm your organization. The Dark Net analysis is an ongoing IT service to protect an organization’s interest in data theft, hacking, and other various online threats. Darknet analysis experts scan and listen to internet hackers on the darknet to counter online threats.

Tips to Avoid Cyber Criminal Activities

Data protection should be the priority of any organization because the entire business depends on it. Cyber security services like darknet analysis are essential for any organization operating online. However, there are many things you can implement to increase invulnerability. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Forbid Company’s Representatives from Utilizing TOR.

If you permit your employees to use TOR software, they can undoubtedly open your organization to harming material and malware. This would potentially put your corporate organization at risk and make it vulnerable to hackers online.

In order to avoid this, give a clear direction through worker manuals and train representatives on ‘clean’ web use. Use restrictive programming to obstruct TOR. Clarify that corporate examinations will start if the executives suspect this standard is being broken.

Prevent Employees from Accessing Sensitive Information.

Not every employee in your organization needs to access all the information your company possesses. So, make some policies and rules on how and what an employee is accessing. Doing this will allow you to eliminate any chances of leaking information and prying eyes on the internet.

Hire a Dark Net Expert

In case you do not have a third-party security company to watch over your IT infrastructure, your best choice lies with a Dark Net analysis expert. Hiring an experienced professional who is well versed in darknet activities can be a great asset to your company. He/she can monitor all the online activities performed by the employees, scanning the dark web for leaked info, and developing a sound defensive strategy.

Teach Workers About Security Conventions

The client is the most fragile connection in your defensive measures for your organization. This implies showing all representatives network safety measures and consistency with your organization’s policies. Therefore, always prepare your workers to avoid any online threat to your IT systems.

Try Not to Store Sensitive Data Online

Today, everything is digital and most organizations save all kinds of data (including sensitive information) online. Saving data online has its own pros and cons and a company should be careful about the information shared. If you did not avail cyber security services, the chances of data theft increase manyfold. Therefore, try not to store sensitive and valuable data online if you don’t have to.

Make a Policy to Change Passwords Regularly

Although passwords are very important information, we pay little attention to them and never update them. Not only that, we use simple passwords to remember them easily such as date of birth or anniversary, mobile number. Cybercriminals can crack these with ease. So, always use a strong password with a combination of words, numbers, and special characters. It is also important to change the passwords after a predefined period.

You can use these methods to minimize the overall risk of getting hacked, but hackers are very smart nowadays and have various means to attack your systems. The dark web is vast and there lies many criminal minds and only a dark net analysis expert can provide you with a counter-strategy.