Cyber Threat Intelligence

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Cyber Threat Intelligence is a service that enhances the capabilities of a company to protect your organization. We deliver highly customized intelligence information, helping your Cyber Security teams to preemptively react to cyber attacks rather than reactively. We combine Open Source Information while also conducting Dark- / Deep Web researches, and designing Actionables and more.

How Does it Work?

Cyber Threat Intelligence is the process of collecting findings that can be used to take action and defend against threats. Cyber Threat Intelligence allows for automated universal actions, instead of manually granting or denying access, tracking malicious threats, and recording previously identified malefactors. For instance, if a file has been identified as malicious, it can immediately be blocked across all networks globally.

Data Collection

refers to simple facts that tend to be available in large volumes. In the context of cyber security, IP addresses or logs are typical examples. By itself, raw data is of limited utility.

Information Processing

is produced when this data is collated to provide a useful output – for example, a collated series of logs showing a spike in suspicious activity.


comes from the processing and analysis of this information and can be used to inform decision making. For example, the collated log data is contextualised with prior incident reports regarding similar activity, which also allows for the development of a strategy to mitigate the incident.