Consulting Services

Strategic Cyber Security

Intelligent business risk centric security - Enables you through methodologies to take strategic cybersecurity business decisions.

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Technical Cyber Security

We can provide our customers highly specialised teams for all Cyber Security topics, through our close connections.

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Penetration Testing & Red Teams

Penetration testing and ethical hacking to identify information security weaknesses, preempt cyber threats and much more.

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The Security Development Lifecycle helps developers build more secure software and address security compliance requirements.

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Strategic Cyber Security

Intelligent business risk centric security - Enables you through management education, business security risk assessment to take strategic cybersecurity business decisions

C-level Cyber Security Crisis Simulation

A Cyber Security Crisis Simulation, aka War Games, challenges the top management of any organization to respond in real time to a cybercrime attack scenario. The final output of such an exercise is an improved Crisis Response Plan.

Cyber Security Posture & Risk Assessments

After examining your Cyber Security Posture & Risk you will have a comprehensive overview of your specific business risks and the applicable regulation on one hand and an analysis of how your Cyber Security assets and policies are matching this on the other hand. This enables you to further enhance your Cyber resilience and decrease your business risks.

Identify, Monitor & Analyse

Identify, monitor, and analyze information related vulnerabilities effectively.

Resolve Risks

Help you determine methods to manage or resolve data security risks.

Spot Issues

Spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues.

Create an effective Plan

Prioritize remediation steps into an effective plan based on your company’s specific goals, schedule, and budget.

Cyber Security Strategy, Policy Definition & Checks

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) are three facets that help assure that an organization meets its objectives.



Governance is the combination of processes established and executed by the directors (or the board of directors) that are reflected in the organization’s structure and how it is managed and led toward achieving goals.


Risk Management

Risk management is predicting and managing risks that could hinder the organization to achieve its objectives.



Compliance refers to adhering with the company’s policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

TCSS has experts who have aided many organizations in achieving certified compliance with the newest regulations.

Our approach leads to:

Better business performance

Increased efficiency and profitability

Effective decision making

Less Risk

TCSS’ customized approach is based on industry standards and best practices. We produce the necessary documentation customized for the enterprise objectives.


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medi- cal information.


The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU), effective May 2018.


International Organization for Standardization, responsible for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management), ISO/IEC 27017:2015 (Cloud Security), and ISO 27032:2012 (Cyber Security).

Industrie 4.0 / Digitalization

While the digitalization brings many new benefits to your organization, it would make it also vulnerable to cybercriminals if Cyber Security is not included from the very start. Especially attacks on OT and SCADA have the potential to literally destroy your business. Our Cyber Security specialist act as security advisors in all your projects and can assess the security of deployed solutions and help to mitigate unsecured areas.

31 Percentage of organizations, which have experienced cyber attacks on operational technology infrastructure.

Technical Cyber Security

We can provide our customers highly specialised teams for all Cyber Security topics, through our close connections within the Israeli Cyber Security Industry.

Cyber Threat Hunting

We proactively search through your networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that have infiltrated your networks by evading existing security solutions.

Quick Cyber Threat Check Ups (IT / IOT / OT)

We make a full scan of your IT – and even in your industrial OT-network to give you a full view and to find shadow IT, possible rogue systems and unsecured systems.

Forensic Services

A standby team of highly trained Cyber Security specialists is ready to help you recover and cleanup your IT systems and network in case of a Cyber Security incident. Additionally, a forensic team can help you to identify what data have been compromised and what kind of attack you have been dealing with, and in some cases the attackers can be tracked down.

Cloud Security

While the usage of Cloud Services like AWS, Azure, Google and SaaS gives your organizations incremental business benefits it introduces a completely new attack vector for cybercriminals. Traditional perimeter defense no longer applies. Our Cyber Security specialist help you to include and cover the Cloud into your Cyber Security strategy.

IOT / OT / SCADA Security

Attacks on OT and SCADA systems have the potential to literally destroy your business, while the pervasive usage of IOT components increases the attack surfaces dramatlically. Specialists in this areas help you to design, implement and secure this highly vulnerable assets.

Implementing, Maintaining & Optimizing SOC and SIEM

A team of SOC specialist with many years of hands on experience in running and setting up SOC’s helps you to plan, design, implement and optimize your SOC with all the needed components.

6300000 Average cost of a data breach in $ in companies with over 50k compromised records.

Penetration Testing & Red Teams

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and ethical hacking is a method to identify information security weaknesses, preempt cyber threats and protect your critical digital assets. A penetration test, or pen test, is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure or application by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.

We perform security testing of IT/IOT/OT/SCADA both at infrastructure and application level, including Web, Mobile and Client Server.

White Box

White Box, which means the tester has received all information regarding the website, the application, and the network prior to initiating the test.

Black Box

Black Box, which means that the tester acts as a hacker with little or no prior information prior to initiating the test.

Red Teams

Red Team Security is an offensive approach that educates clients, identifies security risks, informs intelligent business decisions, and enables you to reduce your attack surface digitally, physically and socially. Test the effectiveness of your own security controls before malicious parties do it for you.

2400000 The average cost of a malware attack on a company in $.


The Security Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a software development process that helps developers build more secure software and address security compliance requirements while reducing development costs.

The SDLC process ensures that security assurance activities, such as architecture analysis, code review, and penetration testing, are an integral part of the development effort. The primary advantages of the SDLC approach are:

Secure Software

Producing secure software, as security is a development concern


Early detection of flaws in the system

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction as a result of early detection and resolution of issues

Risk Reduction

Overall reduction of intrinsic business risks for the organization

74 Percent of companies have over 1,000 stale sensitive files.