About Us

Our Mission

TCSS' mission is to support our clients to reduce their business risks by continuously enhancing their Cyber Security Posture in order to minimize their exposure to attacks. We offer a broad range of services and automated solutions to help our customers to assess and reduce their risks while supporting their day-to-day operations and their incident response in an environment with few resources. Our aim is to go beyond the basics of Cyber Security and to support our clients adopting more advanced defenses like Threat Intelligence, IOT and OT security, automated threat hunting and pen testing. Our offices are located in Austria, Germany, Serbia and Israel.

Our Management Team

Committed to protect your Company against Cyber Threats
Robert Herscovici

Doctorate studies at the Medical University of Vienna. Entry in the family trade business dealing in Eastern European countries with focus on plant engineering and construction. Representation of listed companies in the CIS countries. Acitivities regarding Venture Capital and M&A transactions in the Old and New Economy. Expansion to include start-ups focussing on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, ICO and Cybersecurity.

Robert Herscovici

Managing Director &