• Cyber-Strategy

  • Threat Analysis
  • Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations

  • Compliance

  • NIS, ISO 27001, GDPR
  • Consulting
  • Audits
  • Tools

  • Protection

  • Awareness
  • Anti Phishing Tools
  • Managed SOC

  • Incident Response

  • Forensic
  • Legal Advice / Crisis PR

  • Trainings & Simulations

  • C-Level Simulations
  • Cyber Trainings

Our Mission

Public institutions and large companies are increasingly exposed to cybercrime attacks. In close collaboration with leading cyber security experts, e.g. from Israel and Switzerland, as well as with local lawyers, PR and insurance companies, we help minimize cyber risks. TCSS offers a wide range of services from creating and updating strategy, consulting and managed services to training and forensics.